200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Program in Rishikesh, India - Yoga Alliance | 200 RYS

Our 200-Hour YTTC Program is recognised by Yoga Alliance. It is a multi-style course where students will be learning about various yoga styles like Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga. Students will also learn about Anatomy and Philosophy of Yoga, various meditation techniques and different Kriyas and Mudras in yoga. This course will give me a brief knowledge about most of the aspects of yoga which will in turn make them understand in a much better form! 

Hatha Yoga

An ancient practice concentrating not only on the asanas, but also on pranayama, preparing the body for more intense meditation and spiritual practices…learn more!

Kriyas and Mudras

A chain of postures and other activities, working to achieve a particular outcome. A kriyaleads to an initiation of series of physical and psychological activities within a body…learn more!


Learning about Philosophy of yoga is very crucial as it will give you a better understanding of science of yoga and will open different perspectives for you…learn more!


It is the process of calming the mind and attaining awareness and intensifying the spirituality within. It involves focusing on an object or an emotion…learn more!


Anatomy of Yoga is all about the physical alignment, while studying the muscles used in every asana for a better practice and teachinglearn more!

Ashtanga Yoga

An eight-limbed yoga practice, which aims at purifying the body by a heat produced while synchronizing the breath and the movements of the body…learn more!


Our teachers are very knowledgeable, and most importantly know how to teach yoga to someone who is a beginner. 

The techniques our teachers use are very different and unique.

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Our center is located in a place which is idea for yoga. Just coming to our center in Rishikesh will make you fall in love with this place and yoga.

The energy around the place is quite positive, which is surrounded my auspicious river Ganga, mountains and amazing travelers from the world!

Food forms an important part during your TTC, because it helps your mind and body to functions in a much better way.

We make sure we focus on food being served so as to make sure our students get the right about of nutrients in their diet.

It saddens us a little seeing how most of the yoga schools in India and abroad are westernized with a certain elements in yoga, making it lose it’s meaning.

We make sure that you learn yoga the right way, which will be beneficial for your mind and soul and not only your body.

We are certified by Yoga Alliance Internationally. Hence after the course and some practice, you can begin your teaching journey anywhere in the world!



Ajay began teaching Yoga in the year 2010 and paid a visit to China as a guest teacher in 2012.

He continued teaching yoga in India after coming back, but was invited to California Fitness & Yoga center, in Vietnam, where he ended up spending a period of six years.

He conducted numerous Master classes..learn more!


200 H Yoga Certification


Himanshu has been an inspiration to many western and eastern students by imparting his knowledge and talking about hatha yoga.

He has always been a practitioner and has had the opportunity to learn from various Gurus.

He aims at spreading this art and the knowledge all across the globe. He is an inspiration for all those..learn more!



Yogi Mohan belongs to a middle-class family and was born outside, in the arms of mother nature. He faced more challenges than the other kids, which increased his love for the nature and inspired him to pursue Yoga. In 2004, he went to Rishikesh and met many renowned yogis from whom he learnt about the various styles and forms of yoga.
However, that did not satisfy him and in 2006, he enrolled in Bihar Yoga School..learn more!


I had the best experience of my life after doing TTC from ShreeMahaYoga. I finally found my mentors to whom I can look upon for learning more and more!
Molly Williams Student
Molly Williams
200-YTTC Student
The teachers and food during my course were the best. I really look forward to come for my 300-Hour in a few months. Highly recommend this course. 😀
Mia Taylor 200-RYT Student
Mia Taylor
200-YTTC Student
I did my TTC in October, just loved their location and Rishikesh is absolutely the best place to learn yoga. Teacher are extremely knowledgeable. Kudos to the team!
Isabelle Jones 200 RYT
Isabelle Jones
200-YTTC Student