Know About the Various Types of Meditation

Meditation helps you to relax in a stressful lifestyle. It gives us an opportunity to raiseawareness when our senses often become sluggish. Research suggests that meditation canhelp in relieving stress. Due to its relaxing and soothing benefits, experts recommendmeditation for a healthy and active life. Do you know that there […]

Yoga- Getting popular in the West

Yoga is experiencing a moment of great popularity in the West. In the US the figure even among theactivities related to health, the most common being and sports, with over 20 million practitioners.The benefits that yoga brings physical layer are definite: improves flexibility, strengthens muscles,reduces pain in the neck and […]

How to go into Trance for ultimate Peace?

Do you know about, trance – a condition that accompanies any yoga practice, whether the execution ofasanas, pranayama, mudras … Of course, the greatest depth reached during trance shavasana or YogaNidra.For many trance treated as something mysterious, difficult to achieve. Sometimes it is called “streamingstate” (the process of pleasure activities) […]

5 Best Asanas for Men

More and more men cast aside stereotypes about their “wooden” and beginning to practice yoga. Nowonder: after all, in addition to the flexibility and experience gives them strength, and endurance, andthe ability to cope with the responsibility that lies on their mighty shoulders. If you decide to take upyoga, we […]