5 Best Asanas for Men

More and more men cast aside stereotypes about their “wooden” and beginning to practice yoga. No
wonder: after all, in addition to the flexibility and experience gives them strength, and endurance, and
the ability to cope with the responsibility that lies on their mighty shoulders. If you decide to take up
yoga, we recommend starting with the development of the 5 asanas that are super beneficial for men’s
Pose a dove in the slope. This asana is number one when it comes to the disclosure of the hip joints. And
even though there men in the group class shouting “Ooh” and “Ahh” loudest, should practice this asana,
because it gives a lot of advantages. Firstly, the pigeon pose helps to relieve tension in the lower back
and pelvis, which accumulates during the day and leads to the power block. This is especially true of
those men who are not sufficiently mobile lifestyle. Second, it improves circulation in the groin area.
Finally, the flexibility of the spine develops.
Pose lizard. Another position, which will help relieve the tension in the pelvic region and prepare for a
better disclosure of the hip. It is also one of the most popular items among runners.
Technique: Take a low lunge right foot and lower the palms on the floor at shoulder level. Expand the
right foot outwardly on the outer part. Take away the right knee to the side and fed to the mat. Lower
the arm to the level of the elbows. To complicate posture, the pelvis sags as low as possible to the floor.
Bakasana- Typically, this is the first book in the hands of the asana that beginners learn. The feeling
when your feet off the floor the first time, and the weight is fully transferred to the hands – is priceless.
In addition to the cool sensation, you can also strengthen the hands, wrists, and press, to open the groin
and tone the abdominal organs.
Bridge Pose. This asana is ideal for protecting the spine from sedentary lifestyles. In addition, it
strengthens the back, reduces fatigue to the legs, and stimulates the thyroid gland. This is a simple and
effective posture.
Technique: Lie on your back, bend your knees and place the feet shoulder-width apart. Hands are along
the body, his fingers lightly on the heels. The closer are the feet to the hips, the more intense will be the
implementation. Uprites feet into the floor and lift your hips with the breath up, round the spine,
severing it from the floor. Squeeze your buttocks and legs, to push stronger hips as high as possible.
Dog muzzle down- Home yoga poses equally suitable for both men and women. It can be seen in almost
any sequence, because it runs the basic life processes in the body. The dog develops muscle elasticity
and mobility of the hands of the shoulder joints, stretches the spine, hamstrings, calf muscles, calms the
nervous system.
For the constant practice of asanas- five, of course, is not enough. Do you want to engage more
intensively and regularly? Join a training program to get more knowledge.

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