How to go into Trance for ultimate Peace?

Do you know about, trance – a condition that accompanies any yoga practice, whether the execution of
asanas, pranayama, mudras … Of course, the greatest depth reached during trance shavasana or Yoga
For many trance treated as something mysterious, difficult to achieve. Sometimes it is called “streaming
state” (the process of pleasure activities) or “peak experience” (inspired by the self-realization), as well
as the state of awareness and presence. Meanwhile, we are talking about different natural conditions
that arise, including and spontaneously. In ordinary life, trance may appear when we engaged in
monotonous rhythmic activity that is fun and absorb all our attention and this is done in a calm,
unhurried pace.
Indeed, in any method of achieving trance there is one common result: the nervous system returns to its
natural state of nature, free from over-intellectualization and socio-cultural stereotypes. Due to what is
going on? Firstly, the reduced activity of the frontal cortex is responsible for the logical processing of
information (which is usually initially stored in a more active and often “overexcited” state). Second, the
“unconscious” parts of the brain, freed from the influence of the vast, disinhibited. Thus, there is an
altered state of consciousness.
Physiologically, it corresponds to “right-hemisphere” functional state of the cerebral cortex. He is
peculiar to intuitive information processing, allowing multiplicity of solutions. It differs from the ordinary
“left hemisphere” status, limiting decision-making process by the rigid framework of rational thinking.
Thus, open access blocked (repressed, taboo) unconscious resources. In other words, in the process of
trance occurs the brain back to the “child” state characteristic of the child’s brain. Through trance,
opening up a new life, we return ourselves and children’s joy of life, the fullness of experience, integrity
and a sense of harmony and unity with the world and other people. This important psychophysical
phenomenon euphemistically described by all spiritual traditions as a “second birth”, “Be like children”,
This is the therapeutic effect of a trance, which is actively used in modern psychotherapy. In a trance
human psyche becomes adaptive, able to resolve the internal contradictions and conflicts due to the
removal of internal barriers and overcome the usual stereotypes of behavior. In consequence of which it
is possible to redesign the neural connection to synthesize innovative solutions, create new patterns (as
if to re-learn something). Today, due to the unnatural lifestyle, trance techniques needed for the body of
vitamins and soul. This is not just a vacation relaxation and “inclusion” in the body of the universal
healing reaction relaxation, or self-healing of the body, mobilizing its security forces.
Learn how to enter trance states can be yourself. One of the techniques of self-control is a simple
breathing to the rhythm of the pulse – the modern modification of pranayama techniques (neuro-
pranayama). The physiological basis for this exercise – synchronization of biorhythms of the
cardiovascular and respiratory systems, creating the conditions for harmonization, fine-tuning of the
autonomic nervous system, the balance of the activity of the left and right hemispheres of the brain.

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