The complex yoga for 15 minutes

The complex yoga for 15 minutes, is performed on an empty stomach in the morning – before breakfast:

  1. Mankind has not yet come up with a better way to wake up in the morning than … Surya Namaskar!
    Make 3-5 laps at a fast pace. It only takes 3 minutes.
  2. After greeting the sun, you have to lie or sit, and “centered”, otherwise the entire day will be the wind
    in the head- too much energy. Sit cross-legged make 100 blow to nose in the technique Kapalabhati
    (breathing “Awakening of the skull”). This simple but effective Pranayama solves 2 morning task: to
    improve gas exchange in the body to give it fresh oxygen, and simultaneously ventilate the lower parts
    of the lungs, which were sleeping with you at night.
    And the second- to refresh his head; Scientists have found that Kapalabhati positive effect on the frontal
    lobes of the brain- breathing so that you make some sort of a gentle “massage” of the brain. After
    Kapalabhati, your mind becomes calm and clear. You are less likely to fuss- or, conversely, fall asleep at
    his desk at work. At the same time, Kapalabhati is not marginal, not “off-scale” pranayama, so you will
    be able to drive safely, without vertigo, within 30 minute. All equipment performed in a calm rhythm
    will take you about 3 minutes.
  3. Now, get up and do a set of six asanas, each for 1 minute :
     Tadasana (Mountain Pose\palm tree pose)- with traction- Flexing his shoulders and back, is
    useful for digestion. It includes root chakra (Muladhara), which gives vivacity.
     Tadasana with slopes in the hand (exhale) – useful for digestion in the morning.
     Katie Chakrasana – body turns to drift back hands behind his back. Excellent kneads on shoulders
    and back.
     Ardha Matsendrasana- turns the whole body, in a direction opposite to a rotation of the pelvis.
    Optimizes the digestive processes, flexing the lower back, “includes” and press Manipur Chakra,
    which gives the power of persuasion.
     Tiriyaka Bhudzhangasana- Cobra Pose with twists (turns the body we are doing at the same time
    you exhale, return to the center on a breath)- useful for the back and for digestion.
     Chakrasana (wheel pose- “bridge”) or Khandarasana (support position on the shoulders, or
    “polumostik”)- which is suitable for the level of training. It awakens the sympathetic system,
    invigorates. It is useful for the back.
  4. The remaining 3 minutes, repeat mediatory position (preferably in Vajrasana it is necessary to
    additionally charge the digestion) loud, singsong better, your favorite mantra, any. It is important to
    include the voice box in the morning to the people you listened to, trusted you. And there is no better
    way to do that than a mantra. If you have yet special, favorite mantra, it is recommended that a
    universal mantra “AUM” (OM); it does not have any special destination or narrow-religious significance
    and is therefore suitable for all; It has a general harmonizing effect on people and premises. Sing
    (provided that you do not interfere with each home) as loudly as possible, do not hesitate, and how to
    lower the tone (bass) – so you “progudite” all the chakras from top to bottom, and recharge the body for
    new achievements today.

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