Try Theses Yoga Asana for Sharp and Calm Mind

When you wake up every morning, your health condition determines your daily routine.
Any disease of the body weakens our enthusiasm and causes difficulty in doing daily work
properly. Your mental health is equally important. Your brain plays an important role in
daily work. Your ability to react, the ability to understand, and the ability to feel are well
related to your brain health.
Many times we do not understand that like other organ of the body, the brain also needs
nutrition and energy every day. Just as physical exercise is necessary to keep the body
perfect, similarly brain exercise is necessary for intelligence. Yoga asanas are very effective
in doing the right work as a whole for our body.

Yoga postures and Pranayama for the Brain
The science of yoga awakens the inner power of the body and that makes the body more
powerful and enhances its functionality. It can also be a factor in an immediate increase in
cognition power. It relieves stress and helps in the conduct of all the important functions
conducted by the brain.

Yoga Asana for Sharp and Calm Mind

Vrikshasana helps in bringing back the state of equilibrium and balance to the mind. It is
considered to be a spanking yoga asana for the brain as it helps in improving the
concentration of a person by providing mental stability.

Virabhadrasana helps in enhancing the mind-body coordination and connection. This yoga
asana is very beneficial in bringing awareness to the brain by regulating the proper blood
circulation to the mind.

Trikonasana is a perfect yoga asana for making your mental level calm and steady. It
enhances the concentration of the brain by turning on the consciousness from inward. Also,
it reduces stress and anxiety level.

This yoga asana stretches the spine releases tension. It also removes anger and irritation
from the mind and calms down the brain.

Halasana calms the nervous system by improving blood flow to the brain. This yoga pose
reduces tension and tiredness from back and neck cramping.

Setu Bandhasana
Setu Bandhasana strengthens the neck and spine by stretching. It also relaxes the muscles.
Increases blood circulation in the brain. This yoga asana is known for calming down the
nervous system and brain. Thus, it is a very good yoga asana for stress, anxiety, and

Sarvangasana regulates and smooths the thyroid and parathyroid glands. The pineal and
hypothalamus reinforce the brain by transporting more blood to the glands.

Pranayama for Sharp and Calm Mind

Anulom Vilom
Anulom Vilom Pranayama benefits the brain by reducing the stress level. During Anulom
Vilom, the right brain becomes active when inhaled from the left nostril and the left brain
becomes active when inhaled from the right nostril.

Bhramari Pranayama
This yoga posture helps in relieving negative emotions such as anger, annoyance,
frustration, and anxiety. It enhances concentration, memory, and self-confidence. This is a
simple process that can be done at home or office, anywhere. This pranayama is the best
option to be worry-free.

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