Why yoga is crucial to think positively?

Positive thinking and the law of attraction in most cases do not work.
You know why?
Probably because you cannot control the mind and the thoughts it generates, but doing so is not easy.
To combat the “trap thoughts,” do not feed and cultivate them. One must be fully aware of what
happens in our minds. We need to see clearly when a thought arises, what causes us and behavioral
reaction that arises.
Usually we are aware only final action but this is only the final part of a series of events that sparked a
thought. This fact can be clearly seen while doing meditation.
To be fully aware of what happens when a thought comes we should be in a state in which the mind is
But how quiet should be the mind?
Yoga offers us countless techniques which have precisely this purpose. The purpose of the practice of
this discipline is not as many people think to become more flexible or take a position perfectly. These
are benefits that come along the way.
Do yoga to calm the mind (the vritti) and not be so “slaves” of so-called mental patterns, causing a life-
Only when the mind is calm you will be able to be aware of the occurrence of a thought denied, let him
pass and then replace it with a positive.
Tips to encourage the creation of Positive Thoughts
We try to understand now, how to facilitate the creation of positive thoughts. We summarize the five
highlights the path to take:
Love yourself: Take some time and do not be impatient to get results. Try not to be angry with yourself if
during the day you find yourself lost in the “trap” thoughts, just turn away your attention from them and
clear your mind.
Feel and radiates joy: A cargo thought of emotion, such as joy, is a hundred times more powerful than a
thought expressed without emotion. Tries to “load up” with joy every thought / desire, this will speed up
its implementation. And always remember: if it works for the joy that means it also works with rage,
Become a rock. The image that you have of yourself is to a rock. A rock that resists everything! Scorching
sun, cold winds and driving rain. If you are feeling down and dejected tone, not seek comfort or support
in the other … everything you need is inside you, you just have to find him! Do not be persuaded by

anyone, and do not listen to the advice, when it comes to happiness you get there alone, never lean on
Acquire awareness. This is perhaps the top step that we all (and I put myself there) we must aim:
awareness. It seems trivial, but if we reflect is the very fact of it for granted that makes it so elusive.
Being aware of the world is to understand where and how we should act; it is to be aware of their own
actions. The awareness of the inner world is perhaps the most valuable result that we can get, and once
hardly reached us will escape from his hand. You can get there with the practice of yoga and meditation.

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