Why you should do Yoga during Pregnancy?

  1. Because it improves the mood of the pregnant
    Is it normal for my kidneys to ache? Is the baby okay even if it does not move? Will the time of delivery
    be painful ? For any woman, especially if she is a first-time mother, the period of pregnancy is full of
    doubts, tensions and pains that she had not had before. That’s why many pregnancy-related
    professionals agree that a good mood is essential. For this, an option is to resort to relaxation
    techniques, very healthy for both the future mother and the small one that is growing inside. The top of
    the list of favorites is Hatha Yoga, one of the most basic yogas, especially indicated for pregnant women.
  2. Because it serves to learn to breathe and strengthen the muscles
    Without having to prepare as if to participate in a competition, staying in good shape can help achieve a
    less traumatic delivery. If there is no risk, the exercise that yoga involves is beneficial emotionally,
    physically and mentally. If one of these three parts is wrong, the others also, so we seek the inner
    balance to find peace. Corporally, exercising your breathing and muscles are two of the priorities of
    Hatha Yoga, which includes the breathing technique known as “ujayi”, which consists of deeply and
    slowly inhaling through the nose to fill the lungs of air and then exhale to compress stomach. These
    exercises are very similar to those of maternal education classes, and can help during childbirth.
    Each pose and their benefits
    To facilitate the natural progress of labor and make it less painful, it is also recommended toning the
    muscles, especially those in the pelvic area and hips, a process in which yoga can also help. In addition,
    yoga also helps relieve spinal pain caused by belly growth and improving pelvic muscles can reduce the
    risk of incontinence and constipation and represents an ideal massage to all organs of the body.
     Lotus position (Baddha Konasana)- The preparatory posture for the yoga session helps to relax
    and rest the lower back. It consists of sitting cross-legged, back straight and hands resting on
     Position of the eagle (Garusasana Arms)- Sitting on your knees, you cross your arms in front of
    you so that your left arm is above the right. Keeping the palms together, you raise your elbows
    and stretch your fingers towards the ceiling. It improves concentration and sense of balance,
    and helps to calm sciatica or back pain.
     Viparita Karani- Lying on the floor with your hips as close to the wall as possible, stretch your
    legs up. Keep them slightly apart. It is a position with powerful effects on circulation and blood
    pressure, but during pregnancy it is necessary to be cautious when performing it, because being
    with the belly up can be uncomfortable.
     Position of the baby (Balasana)- Mimicking the position of the baby is a good way to relax. Lying
    face down, flex the right leg, supporting the knee on the side to the hip. Leave the left leg

extended. The right arm should also be flexed, while the left arm should be under the cheek or
extended to the side of the trunk, supported on the floor and with the palm of the hand up. The
trunk should be slightly raised and supported on the left side, just like the cheek.

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