Yoga and Stress- The best medicinal therapy

It happens to every one of us. We all deal with fatigue during different stages of our lives. You cannot do
a lot about if unfortunately. The only thing you can do is be aware of why you feel fatigued and find
effective remedies to eliminate this fatigue.
In this article you find out what are the various types of fatigue, what are the main causes and also some
very effective remedies of yoga that you can use whenever you feel no energy.
Types of Fatigue:
If you want to eliminate a problem the first thing to do is to know. If you do not know, you will hardly be
able to find an effective solution to combat it.
So first of all we look at the various types of fatigue.
You must know that there is only one type of tiredness but depending on the cause and how it manifests
itself there are various forms of fatigue.
We look at the most common ones:
Physiological fatigue is when you feel tired because you’ve done something particularly
challenging. It appears for example the end of a stressful day at work, at the end of physical
activity, or often is felt towards the weekend especially if you have not had time to rest. This can
in turn be divided into:
 Physical fatigue that affects the body;
 Mental fatigue affects the mind.
 Tiredness season: This type of tiredness is experience especially when there is a change of

 Chronic fatigue: this type of fatigue rather is one that is usually more difficult to fight, not
resolved with simple rest and sometimes can last for weeks or even months.
Causes of Fatigue:
In the case of physiology fatigue causes it can be divided into two:
 Causes of physical nature which basically involve an imbalance in the body such as weight
problems, postural imbalances, diseases, poor physical form, alteration of sleep etc.
 Causes of mental nature which apply to an imbalance at the level of the mind such as stress,
worries, insomnia, depression, anxiety etc.
 In the case of seasonal tiredness the cause is just the change of season.
 When you change from one season to the body you have to adapt to different temperatures
and so enacts a series of physiological responses to better address the period to come.

To do all this naturally needs energy, and so therefore you feel more tired.
In the case of chronic fatigue, it is real fatigue accumulation over time that if you delete it when it
occurs, it becomes chronic and is even harder to treat. Usually it manifests as an exaggerated exhaustion
of both mental and physical stress.
Different Yoga poses help you deal with different types of stress and fatigue. The best part is that for
every kind of stress, there is a different kind of Yoga. Thus, you can get instant relief from the tensions
and irritations of your life. You must consult some Yoga instructors today if you think that you are
suffering from any kind of body stress.

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