Yoga- Getting popular in the West

Yoga is experiencing a moment of great popularity in the West. In the US the figure even among the
activities related to health, the most common being and sports, with over 20 million practitioners.
The benefits that yoga brings physical layer are definite: improves flexibility, strengthens muscles,
reduces pain in the neck and back, increases lung capacity, controls blood pressure and relieves stress.
Is yoga merely a physical exercise, a healthy form of exercise, one stretching to tone the body and
reduce stress? Quite the contrary: the conscious practice of yoga affects the body, mind and spirit.
Practicing with yoga regularly you learn to concentrate the mind and to better understand your body
and the energy that flows (yoga is also beneficial to happiness). The sense of peace, well-being and the
awakening of energies that you feel during and after the practice reveals the nature of this discipline: a
path of personal growth that leads to self-awareness and harmony with ourselves and with what we
The origins and evolution of yoga
Yoga is an ancient discipline, was born in India. It is rooted in age-old Vedic philosophy, which in turn is
the basis of traditions, including Hinduism, Buddhism and tantra. The word yoga comes from Sanskrit
and means “union”. Also the Italian words “conjugate” and “yoke”, for example, have the same root.
What unites, therefore, yoga?
Yoga brings balance opposites, reconciles them and leads them to completion: unites the body and
mind, but also individuals to each other and the individual with the universal consciousness.
Yoga is for everyone:
In the popular imagination the yoga positions appear to be very challenging, remain “a long time” still
may seem difficult to those who today are accustomed to a hectic lifestyle, or those who are no longer
young. In fact yoga is for everyone and anyone can practice it, regardless of fitness level or age. What is
important in yoga is the gradual progress of improvement, not the perfect execution of the position.
Yoga is for everyone even in its inner aspects.
It is not a religion but a spiritual practice and may well alongside the religiosity of a faithful, as well as
constituting a form of secular spirituality. Although its origins may seem distant in time and space, the
objectives, the methods and the benefits of yoga are universal and current modern West as in ancient
Certain asanas can help you return to normal energy level, including the Dove, Boat, Staff and Snake.
The other postures like the Mountain, squatting and Trikonasana allow the person to feel courage and

courage once in a while. Positions that can specifically help anorexics are back positions and those of
bending forward for happiness and a stable mind.
Today some approaches to yoga seeking its benefits for physical fitness, those with the intention to lead
a healthier life, some to appease the mind, for those who respond to a spiritual need. Whatever the
reason for this meeting and whatever yogic path undertaken, yoga will be “an adventure in awareness.”

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